Seawolf Postal Express Fast Facts

  • Seawolf Postal Express is the main mailroom and shipping center for the University community, and handles over 360,000 pieces of individual mail–not including FedEx, UPS or bulk mailings—per year.

  • Students, faculty, and staff received up to 40% off FedEx and up to 35% off UPS shipping for either personal or departmental use.

  • Ship your catch right from campus! We have our own freezer to keep your fish consistently frozen for FedEx pick up.

  • We offer convenient international shipping, and our knowledgeable staff can give you advice on the best way to send a variety of items.


Bulk Mail Services

Sending a mailing of over 200 pieces? Send it bulk mail through the Copy & Print Center for significant savings.

Our machines can automate nearly every aspect of mail preparation. Printing, stuffing, sealing & addressing can be accomplished in minutes, saving you time and labor costs. 

Personalizing your mailings to appeal to your target market is easy with our variable-data capability. We can also "clean" your mailing list to eliminate duplicates and incomplete addresses.

Have a question about bulk mail? Ask Jeff.

What we do...

  • Inter-campus mail

  • Fed Ex, UPS, & USPS shipping for individuals or departments

  • Central receiving

  • Bulk mailing

  • Automated addressing

  • Variable-data insertion

  • Folding & tabbing

  • Mailing list maintenance