The Department of Health Sciences Welcomes You!

The Department of Health Sciences at UAA prepares professionals at several levels. Please explore our website and discover the range of professional learning opportunities. Our graduates plan, implement, and evaluate health services and work to protect and promote the health status of communities.

For information about the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program, please visit the BSHS home page. For information about the Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice program, visit the MPH home page. You can also read about the history of the Department of Health Sciences.

We welcome your interest and questions.

Jenny Miller, DrPH, MS, MPH
Health Sciences Department Chair
Department of Health Sciences

The Department is located at: 
1901 Bragaw, Suite 220 

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New Undergraduate Minor in Public Health!

For more information on this 18 credit minor, download the UAA Minor in Public Health flyer (pdf).

Or contact Corrie Whitmore, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences,

UAA MPH Alumnus Dr. Mark Peterson Works in Antarctica

Dr. Mark Peterson, UAA MPH Alumnus, recently worked as lead physicianat McMurdo Station, the largest community in Antarctica. Read more about Dr. Perterson's adventures in the UAA Green and Gold article "Dr. Antarctica" (November 12, 2014).

MPH Student's Work in Sudan Featured in Green and Gold

Jason Hahn, current MPH student, was recently featured in the Green and Gold for his extensive work with the Alaska Sudan Medical Project, a "grass-roots, volunteer project that works in one of the most remote, impoverished regions of the world in South Sudan." Read more about Hahn and this project in the article "Finding fulfillment in helping a forgotten people" (November 12, 2014).