Honors in History

Honors in History [Effective beginning Fall 2005]

The award of honors in history recognizes distinguished achievement by undergraduate majors in the study and writing of history.

To be eligible for departmental honors a student must satisfy the following requirements:

1) Be a declared history major
2) Satisfy all the requirements for a BA degree in history
3) Meet the requirements for “graduation with honors” as listed in chapter 7 of the University of Alaska Anchorage catalog
4) Maintain a grade point average of 3.50 or above in courses specific to the history major
5) Complete History A377 Historiography with a grade of A.
6) Complete the senior seminar paper History A477 with a grade of A.

Honors designees in History must submit a typographically correct, formal copy of their senior paper to the department for deposit in the departmental archives. This must be done before graduation day of the year in which the paper is completed.

Honors in History Form