Stephen W. Haycox

Distinguished Professor
Office: ADM 147G
Phone: (907) 786-1776


Stephen Haycox is an American cultural historian specializing in the history of the American West and Alaska. He teaches Alaska history, American West and American environmental history. He published Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics and Environment in Alaska (Oregon State University Press, 2002) and a new Alaska history: Alaska - An American Colony (University of Washington Press, 2002). His articles on the history of the Alaska Native Brotherhood, the most powerful and effective Native group in Alaska before the claims settlement act, led to his appearance in the award-winning PBS documentary on Alaska Native land claims, “This Land is Ours,” produced in 1996. In 2002 the University of Alaska honored him with the Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence, the system's highest annual faculty award. He also received the Distinguished Teaching Award from UAA Alumni Association in 1989 and the Alaska Governor’s Humanities Award in 2003. In 2003, Professor Haycox was chosen Alaska Historian of the Year by Alaska Historical Society. He also writes biweekly op/ed page columns for Anchorage Daily News. If you want to see Prof. Haycox's pictures, click here.


Ph.D., University of Oregon (History) 1971; M.A., University of Oregon (History) 1967;  B.A.,  Seattle University (summa cum laude)(History) 1966

Teaching Responsibilities

American cultural history; American West, Alaska history, Alaska Native history, U.S. environmental history.

Professional and Departmental Service

University Committees: Chair, UAA-UAAFT Appeals Board, 1998 -; Service Based Grants Committee (2), 2000-2001; Chair, UAA Honorary Degrees Committee, 1994-98; Peer Review; Open Learning Alternatives (statewide), 1993 -1996; UAA Distinguished Lecture Series, 1990-1993; UAA Honorary Degree Committee, 1990; UAA Constitution Bicentennial Commemoration, 1987-89; UAA Vice-chancellor search committee, July, 1986; UAA Academic Affairs Board, 1984-87 (at large) College of Arts and Sciences Humanities Peer Review, 1983-85 Chair, 1987-1988 UAA Archives Advisory Board, 1982-; UA Bartlett Lecture Committee 1974-80, 1984; UAA Art in Public Places Committee 1983-84; UAA Status of Women Committee 1985-1987; UAA Student Showcase editorial review, 1985; UAA Grievance Council, 1983-84, numerous others previously    

Public Service: Anchorage Daily News, biweekly op/ed page column, 2004 -; Mayor’s Seattle-Anchorage Cultural Exchange Committee, 2007; Instructor, Teaching American History grant, Anchorage School District, 2006-2008; 2003-2005; Speaker, Annual Egan Day Dinner, October 2007; Keynote, Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act 25th Anniversary Celebration, Anchorage (President Jimmy Carter), June, 2005; Keynote and Seminar Leader – Village Management Institute, Sitka, April, 2003, Alaska State Museum Docent’s Presentation, April, 2003; Columnist, Anchorage Daily News, 2001 - ; Governor’s Subsistence Leadership Summit, August, 2001; Board of Directors, Alaska Humanities Forum (Governor’s appointment) (chair, 1996-2001), 1995 -2002; AP Reader, U.S. History, Educational Testing Service, San Antonio, TX, June, 1995, 1996; Co-Chair, History Standards Committee, Alaska 2000 (Alaska Department of Education), 1993-95; Member, Social Studies Framework Committee, Alaska 2000, 1994-95; Member, Advisory Committee, Anchorage School District EXCEL grant (USDOE; integrated language arts/social studies curriculum development), 1995; Vice -president, Cook Inlet Historical Society, 1994-; Member, Vancouver Symposium Committee, Cook Inlet Historical Society and Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1994-95 (editor; symposium proceedings); Member, Historians' Committee, Alaska Bar Association, 1990-; Chair, U.S.-U.S.S.R. Bering-Chirikov 250th Anniversary Celebration Alaska Historical Society), 1991; Program committee, annual meeting, Western History Association, 1991; Evaluator, Alaska Humanities Forum grant project, "Alaska's Japanese Pioneers," 1990-91; Chair, Symposium: "Russian America: The Forgotten Frontier," Anchorage , 1990; Chair, annual meeting, Alaska Historical Society, 1990; "Academic  Forum," weekly 30-minute  radio  program,  KSKA (NPR-Anchorage), sole producer, 1980-1987;  political and social  commentary,  weekly, on radio station KSKA, January, 1983-1988, intermittent since; judge, National Geographic Society Alaska statewide (secondary school) Geography Bee, March, 1990; judge, Alaska statewide (secondary) History Day competition, 1989, 1990; member, steering committee, Alaska Geographic Alliance; numerous addresses before local civic groups,  including the Downtown Rotary (most recently, March, 1987), Bartlett Democratic Club (most recently, March, 1988), World Affairs Council,  Republican Women's Club,  Cook Inlet Hist. Soc., Anchorage  Museum of History and Art Docents (most recently, March, 1992);  member, Board of Editors, Alaska History, 1984- ; board of directors, Alaska Historical Society, 1985-88, 1990-95, 2000- (president, 1991-92); member, Alaska Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution, 1986-89;  member, KSKA Community Advisory Board, 1983-85 (chairman, 1984-85); writer, narrator, Alaska Chamber Singers Concert, "The Golden Age of American Song," April-May, 1989; member, Board of Directors, Anchorage Community Theatre, 1985-92 ; member (president), Board of Directors, The Alaska Zoo, 1987-91; member, Board of Directors, Anchorage Arts Council, 1988-89; member (secretary), Cook Inlet Historical Society, 1990- (vice-president, 1993-95); classical music reviewer, Anchorage Times, 1984-1986, Anchorage Daily News, 1981; producer,  one-hour classical music program,  "Cadenza: UAA Performers," KSKA Radio, 1981-83, other previous activity

Research Interests

Alaska history, Alaska environmental history, Alaska Native history; US/Canada comparative history


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