A schedule for pre-medical students who plan to begin medical school immediately after completion of a traditional four-year undergraduate program is given below:


Freshman Year

  • Attend Orientation Sessions for UAA, Honors Program, department offering major (if chosen), etc.
  • Meet with Pre-Medical Advisor every semester, particularly in regard to the development of course schedules.
  • Join the UAA Pre-Med Club (uaapremedclub@gmail.com) and UAA AMSA (uaa.amsa@gmail.com).
  • Find out about volunteer activities at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, other facilities.
  • Look through a sample MCAT to get an idea of what the test is like.
  • Read magazines, newspapers, essays, novels, research journals, etc., to enhance your reading and verbal skills.
  • Get to know your professors, as some of them may become good sources of letters of recommendation.
  • Get off to a good start academically, particularly in math and science courses.

Sophomore Year

  • Find out about research opportunities, summer internships, and SMDEP.
  • Order the MCAT Student Manual from AAMC and begin your MCAT preparation in earnest.
  • Continue volunteer activities at hospitals, nursing homes, other facilities. Take a good look at yourself. Are you meeting the goals you have set for yourself?

Junior Year

  • Make sure that you have completed general biology and chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry by the end of this year if the MCAT is to be taken during the subsequent summer.
  • Hone your writing skills by drafting a personal statement (as required for your AMCAS application) and ask the Pre-Medical Advisor to critique it for you.
  • Ask professors to write letters of recommendation for you, and give them a resume or some other form of biographical information.
  • Continue to study for the MCAT with the help of preparation manuals, class notes, and textbooks.  Take as many practice exams as you can. Be sure that these are timed exams.
  • Select the medical schools to which you will apply with the help of web-based information and manuals such as Peterson's Insider's Guide to medical Schools.

Summer Prior to Senior Year

  • Submit AMCAS application as soon as possible.
  • Complete MCAT.
  • Remind your professors that letters of support are needed for the secondary application process, and suggest that the letters be sent to the Pre-Health Professions Advisor.
  • Contact the Pre-Health Professions Advisor in regard to the composite letter of recommendation.

Senior Year:  Fall Semester

  • Complete secondary applications as soon as possible. 
  • Confirm that schools have received your application materials, including letters of reference.
  • Continue your volunteer or shadowing activities; maybe do something different from past years.
  • Prepare for the medical school interviews with the help of mock interviews and the Student Doctor Network.
  • If possible, take Biochemistry, as many medical schools strongly suggest that pre-medical students take the course.

Senior Year:  Spring/Summer Semesters

  • Arrange for travel to schools that invite you for interviews.  
  • If you have been accepted by more than one medical program, choose the school you will attend by the May 15 deadline.
  • Make sure that all your work toward the baccalaureate degree is completed by August, and submit final transcripts.
  • Celebrate your acceptance to medical school!

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