Impressive scores on the appropriate entrance exam will improve a candidate's chances of getting into a good professional program.  Completion of the essential undergraduate coursework prior to taking the entrance exam is important.  For example, prior to taking the MCAT, DAT, or VCAT, it is very useful to complete general biology, general chemistry, physics, college algebra, trigonometry, and organic chemistry.  It is also invaluable to be able to skim written material for the essential content and write in an effective fashion.  Numerous entrance exam preparation manuals are available, and completion of trial exams offered by these manuals will help candidates become more capable of completing sections of the exams in the time allotted on exam day.  Although retaking exams in response to disappointing earlier results is possible, it is beneficial to score well on the first attempt by way of adequate preparation.  Examination of textbooks and notes from past courses, practice in the writing of concise essays, and participation in online or summer exam preparatory programs are means by which acquisition of a noteworthy exam score can be made more likely.

MCAT   Medical College Admission Test

DAT   Dental Admissions Testing

PCAT   Pharmacy College Admissions Test

OAT   Optometry Admission Test

GRE  Graduate Record Exam

VCAT  Veterinary College Admission Test


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