Renee Carter Chapman and Francisco Miranda

Senior Vice Provost Carter-Chapman honors Francisco Miranda for mentoring Research Fulbright winner Cassie Iutzi-Mitchell.

Faculty mentors play an important role in the undergraduate research process by assisting students in making the transition from classroom learning to real world applications. It can also be very valuable for researchers to contribute to students’ development and their confidence to pursue a successful career. In addition, close interaction between students, faculty, and other research personnel exposes students to research processes, methodologies, and to higher levels of learning

Faculty Leadership in Expanding Undergraduate Research

FLEUR is an award to faculty that propose to integrate original research into an undergraduate course.  Up to $5000 may be spent on project expenses of which $2500 may be applied toward a faculty stipend.  See the FLEUR Award - Health and Wellness and the FLEUR Award - Proposals Outside Health and Wellness webpages for more information.

Faculty Handbook:
Mentoring Undergraduates in Research and Scholarship

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS) is pleased to announce the publication of their handbook on mentoring undergraduates in research and scholarship at UAA. The collection of essays represents a concerted effort by UAA faculty members who truly believe in UAA’s mission to “discover and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, engagement, and creative expression.” To learn more about how UAA’s faculty mentor their students, please visit the Handbook’s website

Undergraduate Research Project Management System

UAA faculty and undergraduate students are engaged in a diverse number of research projects. To facilitate the exchange of ideas among faculty and students, the Undergraduate Research Project Management System was created. The system is a public, online database of faculty research projects that involve undergraduates as part of the research team. It is intended both to inform students, colleagues, and the community about UAA’s undergraduate research projects, and to build support for more initiatives in this area. To view the diverse research projects at UAA, or to upload your own project, please visit the Management System’s webpage

Faculty Seminar Series on Mentoring Undergraduates in Research & Scholarship

Are you interested in learning best practices in mentoring undergraduates and scholarship? If so, consider enrolling in the current faculty seminar series. The series will cover topics such as the importance of mentoring undergraduates and how mentoring occurs across the disciplines. To enroll in the seminar series, please visit the CAFE website

These events are sponsored by BP/Conoco Phillips


Benefits for Faculty

Working with undergraduates as a faculty mentor can be helpful in many ways:

  • It can help faculty to gain insight into the learning needs of undergraduates
  • It can improve faculty teaching by illuminating the types of preparatory skills and/or courses that a student needs before doing research
  • It can improve faculty teaching methods by giving you increased one-on-one time with students
  • It can help faculty members in their own research projects by providing additional assistance and insight