Top Four Reasons for Living On-Campus

Reason #1

Living on-campus is fun!
There are many opportunities to be involved with campus activities and you will begin to develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Reason #2

Living on-campus helps you develop connections.
All on-campus housing facilities are staffed with professional and student personnel who provide guidance, support, and academic and social programming to help you achieve success as a student at UAA and in the future. Additionally, dedicated learning and lifestyle communities are available to help residents connect with peers of similar goals, interest, and backgrounds.

Reason #3

Living on-campus is convenient.
When you live on campus, your classes, the library, and campus activities are just a short walk or shuttle ride away. With on-campus housing you also have the added conveniences of on-site laundry facilities, a cardio-fitness center, a computer lab, cafeteria, and convenience store located right withing your housing complex.

Reason #4

Living on-campus is economical and practical.
Consider the hidden costs of living off-campus--security deposits, cable and phone hook-ups, heating and electricity bills, groceries, trash removal fees, gas and transportation costs, etc. 

Now consider on-campus living--with only a $300 deposit, and your cable, phone, Internet, heating, electricity, trash removal, and basic maintenance all included in one predictable semester charge. Plus with the addition of a meal plan, you won't have to spend your time grocery shopping or cooking!


If on-campus housing is not an option for you, information regarding rental housing in Anchorage— including rental advice and links to housing laws and regulations—may be found on the Commuter Student Services web page. UAA does not recommend or endorse any particular off-campus housing.