Finding Your HRS Consultant

       UAA Human Resource Services Consultants:

Dooley, Bridget 786-1418
Ealy, Gail 786-1457
Kamahele, Ron 786-1419
Lee, Karen 786-7727
Yauney, James 786-4683
Zembower, Rebecca (Becky) 786-4673

       UAA College/Department assigned HRS Consultant:
       Alpha by department title (updated, April 2014)

TKL UAA Department Consultant
720 Academic Affairs, Office of
Ron Kamahele
722 Academic Affairs, Vice Provost Office
Ron Kamahele
741 Academic & Multicultural Student Services James Yauney
723 Academic Technology Services James Yauney
768 Accounting Services Gail Ealy
766 Administrative Services, Office of
Ron Kamahele
746 Advising & Counseling Center James Yauney
732 AHAINA Student Programs James Yauney
692 Alaska Center for Rural Health Bridget Dooley
695 Alaska Natural Heritage Program
Becky Zembower
718 Alaska Resources Library & Info Services Bridget Dooley
633 Allied Health Sciences Division Bridget Dooley
631 Applied Technology Ron Kamahele
612 ASET Lab, CAS Becky Zembower
755 Athletics James Yauney
620 Automotive & Diesel Technology Karen Lee
622 Aviation Technology Karen Lee
613 Behavioral Health Research & Service Becky Zembower
705 Biomedical Programs Bridget Dooley
780 Bookstore Gail Ealy
767 Budget & Financial Systems Gail Ealy
722 CAFE Ron Kamahele
744 Campus Life James Yauney
740 Career Services James Yauney
634 Career and Technical Education, CTC Karen Lee
601 College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Dean's Office Becky Zembower
618 College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Becky Zembower
665 College of Business & Public Policy, Dean's Office Becky Zembower
624 Computer & Electronics Technology, CTC Karen Lee
627 Construction & Design Technology Karen Lee
708 Center for Community Engagement Ron Kamahele
668 Center for Economic Development Becky Zembower
616 Center for Human Development Bridget Dooley
692 Center for Rural Health Bridget Dooley
760 Chancellor's Office Ron Kamahele
644 Chugiak/Eagle River Campus Karen Lee
672 College of Health & Social Welfare, Dean's Office Bridget Dooley
601 College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Becky Zembower
610 College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Becky Zembower
665 College of Business & Public Policy (CBPP) Becky Zembower
675 College of Education (COE) Bridget Dooley
636 College of Prep & Dev. Studies, CTC Karen Lee
715 Consortium Library Karen Lee
638 Community & Technical College (CTC), Dean's Office Karen Lee
628 Culinary Arts & Hospitality Karen Lee
750 Dean of Students Office James Yauney
650 Department of Health, PE & Recreation Karen Lee
745 Disability Support Services (DSS) James Yauney
760 Diversity & Compliance Office Ron Kamahele
631 Division of Applied Technology Karen Lee
646 Elemendorf Airforce Base Ext. Ron Kamahele
694 Environment & Natural Resource Institute (ENRI) Becky Zembower
736 Enrollment Management James Yauney
778 Facilities & Campus Services Gail Ealy
786 Facilities Project Services Gail Ealy
738 Federal Work Study Program James Yauney
734 Financial Aid Office James Yauney
648 Fort Richardson Extension Ron Kamahele
770 General Support Services (GSS) Gail Ealy
682 Geomatics Karen Lee
760 Governance Office Ron Kamahele
650 Health, PE & Recreation, CTC Karen Lee
686 Health Planning Programs Bridget Dooley
684 Health Sciences Instruction Bridget Dooley
698 Honors/Litesite Ron Kamahele
782 Housing, Dining & Conference Svcs. Gail Ealy
765 Human Resource Services Becky Zembower
629 Human Services (CHSW) Bridget Dooley
605 Humanities Becky Zembower
609 INBRE (CAS) Becky Zembower
725 Information Technology Services James Yauney
688 Institute for Circumpolar Health Bridget Dooley
696 Institute of Social & Economic Research Becky Zembower
722 Institutional Research Ron Kamahele
606 Integrated Sciences Becky Zembower
690 Justice Center Bridget Dooley
500-519 (all)
Kenai Peninsula College (KPC) James Yauney
520-528 (all)
Kodiak College Karen Lee
656 Learning Resource Center (LRC) Karen Lee
698 Litesite/Honors Ron Kamahele
610 Math and Natural Sciences (CAS) Becky Zembower
540-548 (all)
Mat-su College James Yauney
646 & 648
Military Programs Karen Lee
752 New Student Orientation James Yauney
728 Native Student Services (NSS) James Yauney
635 Observer Training Center (OTC) Karen Lee
720 Office of Academic Affairs Ron Kamahele
766 Office of Vice Chancellor of Admin Services Ron Kamahele
788 Parking Services Gail Ealy
615 Performing & Fine Arts Becky Zembower
560-566 (all)
Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC) James Yauney
769 Procurement Services Gail Ealy
720 Provosts Office Ron Kamahele
614 Psychology PHD Program Becky Zembower
754 Recreational Sports James Yauney
658 Research & Graduate Studies Ron Kamahele
784 Residence Life James Yauney
680 School of Engineering Karen Lee
660 School of Nursing Bridget Dooley
670 Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Gail Ealy
677 Social Work Bridget Dooley
615 Social Sciences/Performing & Fine Arts Becky Zembower
742 Student Activities James Yauney
608 Student Budget, CAS Becky Zembower
747 Student Health & Counseling Center James Yauney
730 Student Life and Leadership, Student Showcase James Yauney
749 Student Media (Northern Light/KRUA) James Yauney
731 TRIO Programs James Yauney
748 Union of Students James Yauney
756 University Advancement Gail Ealy
774 University Police Department (UPD) Gail Ealy
726 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs James Yauney
722 Vice Provost Office Ron Kamahele
776 Wendy Williamson Auditorium Gail Ealy