UAA Human Resource Services
Main Telephone Number: (907) 786-4608
Fax Number: (907) 786-4727

Email Title Phone
Dana Dodson HRS Technician (students) 786-1423
Gail Ealy Sr. HRS Consultant 786-1457
Kathy Ivie Payroll Coordinator 786-1454
Ron Kamahele UAA HRS Director 786-1419
Karen Lee Sr. HRS Consultant 786-7727
Roxi Lowery Benefits Technician 786-1311
Bryce Johnson UAKjobs Helpdesk Technician 786-1989
Randi Markussen Benefits Specialist 786-1452
Marcie MilesHRS Technician (staff and temps)786-4650
Erika Pierce Systems and Records Manager 786-4685
Lauralee Samalot Payroll Technician 786-1429
James Yauney Sr. HRS Consultant 786-4683
Michelle YerkesSr. HRS Consultant786-1425
Donna BozemanHRS Technician (faculty and adjunct)786-1421