Ending Employment

Once HRS has received termination paperwork for an employee (from the employee's department) an Exit Packet will be mailed to the employee's home address on file. Employees may request to schedule a meeting with an HRS representative either in-person for via telephone by contacting HRS at (907) 786-4608. Employees may also download the Exit Packet Guide and forms below, although HRS will still mail a complete Exit Packet to the terminating employee's address on file. Employees who do not receive a mailed Exit Packet and/or COBRA election paperwork within 2 weeks following termination should contact HRS at (907) 786-4608.

The Exit Guide provides answers to most questions regarding options for various benefits including retirement funds and what happens to other benefits when employment ends.

Faculty and Staff
Exit Packet

Extended Temporary Staff
Exit Packet


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Do You Have Sick Leave to Donate?

Did you know that sick leave isn't cashed out when you leave UAA?  You can donate your sick leave to other Seawolves who are currently participating in the Sick Leave Share Program.  Simply fill out the Leave Share Donation form and turn it in to HR.  You can donate up to 80 hours per form and can submit multiple forms at one time. 

If you know someone who is currently eligible for Sick Leave Donations, you can enter their information in the Recipient area.  Otherwise, leave that area blank so that we can use the hours for anyone currently on the program. 

For more information on the Sick Leave Share Program, please refer to the Board of Regents Policy Chapter 04.06.  Please note that some TRS retirement plans allow participants to claim their sick leave as service credit.  To find out if you qualify, please contact the State of Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits at 1-800-821-2251.