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ANGMW Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Pursuant to Regents Policy and UA Regulation 04.06.147, eligible employees may request a leave of absence without pay for non-medical reasons. Regents Policy 04.06.146 requires an employee to request a leave of absence without pay when military duty leave exceeds 16.5 days. Examples of typically approved non medical leave without pay requests are listed on the LWOP request form.

Leave Without Pay Request Form
Leave Without Pay Benefits Summary

Board of Regents Policy & UA Regulations
Labor Relations, Union represented employees


undefined Family Medical Leave (FML)

Family Medical Leave is should be implemented when an eligible employee meets the FML criteria under Board of Regents Policy and University Regulation 04.06.144. FML status is not optional if a qualified medical condition exists.

Family Medical Leave may be initiated by the employee, the supervisor, or Human Resource Services (HRS). See the FML Notification Form (under Step 3) below for a listing of reasons to use FML as well as employee eligibility requirements. If you feel you may have a Family Medical Leave qualifying situation follow each step below:

Step 1: Contact your HRS Consultant to discuss FML eligibility, benefits during FML, and FML processing:

Click here for HRS Consultant client groups

Step 2: Review the following:

Board of Regents Policy & UA Regulations
Labor Relations website (union represented employees)
Federal FML Employee Guide (PDF)

Step 3: Print and complete form below to request FML and submit to UAA HRS:

Family Medical Leave (FML) Request Form

Step 4: Print the correct form. Complete the "employee" portion, and have treating "Health Care Provider" complete the appropriate portion and submit to UAA Human Resource Services.

Health Care Provider Certification Form (leave for employee's own condition)
Health Care Provider Certification Form (leave for employee's family member's condition)

Step 5: Submit the following to your HR Consultant if applicable:

Leave Share Request Form
Leave Share Donation Form

Step 6: If FML is due to the birth or adoption of a child click below and follow instructions:

Major Life Event - Changing employee benefit options


ANGMW Sick and Annual Leave -
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UA Policy and Regulation
Employee Benefits Handbook


ANGMW Sabbatical -
Refer to:
Faculty Handbook

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