Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q Can a previous winner be nominated again?

  A -  Last years winners are not eligible for nomination.   Winners prior to 2009 may be nominated and are eligible to win.

Q What if I want to nominate more than one person or department or group?

  A  - You may make as many nominations in as many categories as you wish.

Q If others in my department want to nominate the same person, etc. can we indicate that on the nomination form?

  A  - Everyone in the department should submit their own nomination form. 

Q Can a person, department or group be nominated in more than one category?

  A  - Yes you can.  There are no restrictions prohibiting one person or group from being nominated in more than one category. You will need to complete a nomination form for each of your recommendations. 

Q Do I have to write something or is just nominating someone sufficient?

  A -  In order to make the best possible case for your nominee, you should be very thorough in explaining your nomination.  By providing details, the Selection Committee will have a better opportunity of evaluating your nomination. 

Q Who do I call if I have other questions or need to verify receipt of my nomination?

  A -  You may contact Human Resource Services at (907) 786-4608.

Q How are winners selected?

  A -  Small and Large Team awards are determined by the Cabinet.  The Diversity award is determined by Campus Diversity and Compliance.