Emergency (Temporary) Hire Process

A temporary (emergency) hire is the selection and placement of an individual without an open recruitment into a non-faculty, non-executive temporary position. Temporary positions can be non-exempt, exempt or student and are not benefit eligible. Temporary hire requests may be granted for the following reasons:

  • To cover an employee on emergency or short-term, temporary leave;
  • To assist with an unexpected increase in work load for a short-term, temporary period;
  • To temporarily fill a vacancy for the duration of a normal recruitment/hiring process;
  • To assist with a project which can not be accomplished through regular staffing.

If your staffing need does not meet the definition above please refer to "Recruitment Process".

Emergency Hire STEP-BY-STEP Instructions

If your staffing need meets the above description, please follow the steps below:

  1. Copy current Position Description (PD), or if there is no current PD representing the work, it will be necessary to  provide a brief job description. Contact your HRS Consultant for more information.
  2. Complete an Emergency Hire Form
  3. Have the applicant complete a UA Applicant Form and provide a resume.
  4. Submit all paperwork along with a Job Form at least 3 days in advance of proposed start date.
  5. Once HRS has authorized hire prepare the appropriate Appointment Letter, make your offer and have applicant complete new hire paperwork .
  6. Once the employee has completed their assignment please complete the System Termination work flow process
  7. Click here to go to Exit Guides a reference to benefits for terminating employees