Recruitment Process

The process bulleted below offers general guidance for departments via UAKjobs, UA's paperless recruitment system. For further guidance and assistance with the process contact your department's HRS Consultant.

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- Memo from Provost regarding recruitment requirements (dated 1/17/07)

  • Check the Position Description (PD): If you are recruiting for a staff position, use UAKjobs to view the PD on-file to make sure it reflects the current description of the work. (Faculty positions do not have a PD, so skip this step. Temporary and student recruitments vary slightly from the process described below, you may wish to speak with your HRS Consultant to post a temp or student recruitment.)  
    • There must be an up-to-date PD in the UAKjobs sytem before a recruitment can begin. If you locate the PD in the UAKjobs system and it is up-to-date proceed to the next step.
    • If you are unable to find the PD in UAKjobs, check with your HRS Consultant to confirm it is indeed not in the system or if you can't see it due to assigned access to the PD. Access to a PD can be provided through your HRS Consultant. If the PD has not previously been entered in the UAKjobs system, work with your HRS Consultant to get the PD set-up in the system.
    • If the PD is in the system, but is not current, it will need to be updated prior to launching a recruitment. The hiring department should edit the PD and submit it to HRS via the system for evaluation before a recruitment can begin.
  • Determine the search committee chair and other committee members. The hiring authority should meet with the search the committee, or committee chair, to communicate the timeline and other specifics of the process, i.e. internal or external process, advertising needs and budget, whether or not relocations expenses will be considered...etc.
  • Draft all levels of screening for the recruitment. Stage 1 screening should include only absolute requirements of the position as indicated in the PD. Stage 2 should allow for a scoring system that rates individuals on their level of knowledge, skills and experience for both requirements and preferences of the position, again, this should match the PD. Stage 3 should be the interview questions. Additional stages may be added if desired, such as a preliminary interview stage. Reference questions should also be developed at this time.
  • Draft a memo to the Provost all adademic departments are required to submit a memo to the Provost requesting permission to recruit for all faculty (not required for administrative departments or staff positions in academic departments).
  • Go to UAKjobs and use the "Create Posting" feature to begin a recruitment.
    • Complete all sections of the posting
    • Upload required documents like the proposed screening documents and a scanned copy of the Provost approval to recruit memo (if applicable)  in the "Additional Screening Documents" section.
    • Set-up approvers, the department approval section will need to list all required approvers for this position. The direct supervisor should be entered under the "Posting Details" and therefore doesn't also need to be in the "Approval" section. The "Approval" section should list the hiring authority and possibly the appropriate Dean or Director depending upon the department.
    • Activate the guest user password and enter password. This is the username and password all search committee members will use to access applications. Committee members will not be able to access applications until the review or closing date has passed.
    • Submit the recruitment to HRS for posting via the UAKjobs system. Your HRS Consultant will review the posting and attached documents, make minor changes if necessary, and then submit for appropriate budget and grant approval. Once the posting is finalized the HRS Consultant will post the recruitment to the UAKjobs website for applicants to view and apply. View HRS Consultant Client List.
  • Complete initial screening of applications: once the position's review, or closing date has passed, committee members will have access to the applications in the system. The search chair should communicate the timeframe and method in which the committee members will review and provide their results to the chair. If the position has a review date and not a close date, the committee should determine whether or not they should keep the posting open to further applicants, or close the posting so they may advance to the interview stage.
  • Request approval to interview: the department summarizes stage 1 and 2 screening results, and requests approval to interview in a memo to the appropriate HRS Consultant. The summary memo should be uploaded to the "Additional Screening Documents" section of the recruitment. The "Request to Interview" option should be selected within the system which generates an e-mail to the HRS Consultant who will review the request and respond via the system.
  • Request HRS approval to offer: after interviews have been completed and a finalist has been identified, a memo summarizing the interview process is drafted by the department and submitted to the HRS Consultant. If a finalist has been identified the memo should include a request to offer to a specific candidate. This memo can also be uploaded to the system, although you will need to e-mail your consultant to let them know you are requesting approval to offer.
    • Request Provost approval to hire: All Academic departments will also need to create a separate memo to the Provost requesting approval to hire a specific candidate for all faculty positions (this step is not required for staff positions). Unlike the memo to HRS, this memo should not include information about any other applicant for the position.
  • Submit a draft appointment letter to HRS: once you have received both HRS and Provost approval (if applicable) the department should submit a draft appointment letter to the HRS Consultant prior to making an offer to the candidate. Go here for appointment letter templates
  • Proceed to "New Hire Paperwork" for a list of forms to be completed by the new employee.

Main HRS Telephone: 786-4608