How to give a Credit

When you want to make sure that the person you are giving feedback to really understands the importance of their work, it is time to try a credit.  To get good using credits, you need to practice. 

How to give a Credit

1.    Tell the individual specifically what you want to talk about.  This helps the individual focus
       specifically on what you want to discus. 

I want to talk with you about the analysis that you completed on the general ledger yesterday. 

2.    Discuss the specifics of the action that you liked.  Be as specific as possible.  This will let the
       individual know what you are rewarding or reinforcing and would like to see more of in the
       future.  You are shaping the individual's behavior by helping the individual focus on what
       you bring up.

I appreciate the fact that once you knew that the analysis was very important to
complete by today, you put the analysis as top priority, that you set aside two
other important issues to focus on the general ledger.

3.    Discuss the individual's personality characteristics that you see from the action.  This helps you
       recognize and reinforce values. 

You accepted the fact that the analysis was critically important, you clarified what
expectations that I had for the analysis, and then you focused on the analysis until it was complete.  

4.    Bring up the resultant benefit based on the employee's performance.

Because of the work that you did completing the analysis, we were able to do a better job of forecasting the funding requirements for the next quarter.  This will help us substantiate the need for the resources we have requested. 

5.    Thank you

           After you have explained why you are crediting the individual, close with "Thank You". 

For more information on giving credits, contact your Human Resource Consultant.