Navigating UAA

These training videos were produced during the last Navigating UAA series.  

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Accounts Payable

(63 minutes) 
From developing requisitions, processing those through procurement, purchase orders, invoice and approval to pay. How does it all fit together. Employee reimbursement, direct pay.

Additional Materials: Slides from Accounts Payable presentation (pptx file)

Administrative Services

(83 minutes)
Banner, VPN, Classes available in Banner, UAonline, online videos, Journal Vouchers, RPTP, Toad, Qmenu and Wolfcard.

Additional Materials: Slides from Administrative Services presentation (ppt file)


(39 minutes)
Communicating UAA to the community, public relations, electronic media, working with external media, donations and fund raising.  UAA Fund Raising on YouTube.


(26 minutes)
How the bookstore is organized, what they sell, 20% discount for a number of things by using Wolfcard, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Sale, Textbooks and rentals.

Additional Materials: Slides from Bookstore presentation (pptx file)


(62 minutes)
Compensation and benefits – exempt and non-exempt positions, overtime, classification of jobs, job family structure,  out of class pay, career development plans, performance bonus.

Additional Materials: Slides from  Compensation presentation (ppt file)

Conference Services

(23 minutes)
Gorsuch Commons, Lucy Cuddy, Wendy Williamson Auditorium, Catering and Food Service, residence halls.

Additional Materials: Slides from Conference Services presentation (pdf file)


(10 minutes)
Available at multiple locations around campus, Wolfcard.


(29 minutes)
Statement of Diversity, National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), Principles, Prejudice Reduction Workshop, Cultural celebrations, Non-Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, Title IX. 

Additional Materials: Slides from Diversity presentation (pptx file)

General Support Services (GSS)

(40 minutes)
Copy & Print Center, Central Receiving, Seawolf Postal Express, Surplus and Internal Relocation, laminating, graphic design, letterhead, envelopes, CD and DVD duplication, bulk mail, leased office equipment, Fedex and UPS.


(18 minutes)
Classified Council and APT Council, membership, meetings, retreats, committees both local and statewide, projects during the year, University Assembly, Staff Alliance, Governance Structure. 

Information Technology

(74 minutes)
Learn about the capabilities of the Information Technology group. 

Additional Materials: Slides from Information Technology presentation (pptx file)


(60 minutes)
There are a number of different types of leave and ways to use that leave.  This includes FML, Vacation and Sick leave to mention a few.

Additional Materials: Slides from Leave presentation (pptx file)


(37 minutes)
Parking permits, Seawolf Shuttle, People Mover Bus, Bicycle options, Zimride, Carpools. 

Additional Materials: Slides from Parking presentation (pdf file)


(20 minutes)
Learn about timesheets, both electronic and paper.

Additional Materials: Slides from  Payroll presentation (pptx file)


(134 minutes)
This area covers all areas within Human Resource Services concerning employee files, paperwork for benefits, etc.  


(40 minutes)
Ways to purchase, purchase orders, competitive bids, sole source procurement, limited competition, rep/non-rep purchases, Procure card, independent contractor, W-9s.

Additional Materials: Slides from Procurement presentation (pdf file)


(52 minutes)
UAKjobs, position descriptions, posting positions, screening, getting a UAKjobs account, making an offer.

Additional Materials: Slides from Recruitment presentation (pptx file)

Risk Management

(39 minutes)
Various forms of insurance.

Additional Materials: Slides from Risk Management presentation (pptx file)


(25 minutes)
Purpose and Mission, Emergency, Emergency Operation Plan, Building Emergency Plan, emergency equipment, emergency reference, reporting work-related injuries and illnesses, Workers Compensation, training, travel, university vehicles.

Additional Materials: Slides from Safety presentation (pptx file)

Student Affairs

(28 minutes)
Mission, department structure, academic and multicultural student services, student development, Enrollment management.

Additional Materials: Slides from Student Affairs presentation (pptx file)


(40 minutes)
Types of training available, performance, recruiting, HR, Personal Development, Skillsoft, Development Day.

Additional Materials: Slides from Training presentation (pptx file)


(37 minutes)
Travel Authorization Forms (TAs),  Per Diem, Car Rentals, Safe Driver Requirements, Travel Cards and Traveler Expense Reimbursement forms. 

University Police Department

(36 minutes)
Management, patrol, dispatch, investigations, emergency management, providing a safe and secure worksite, crisis information.