Bachelor of Human Services Degree

BHS Application Process FAQs

Who needs to apply for the Bachelors Program?

Anyone who wishes to receive a Bachelor of Human Services Degree, including students who are in premajor status.

When do I need to apply?

The application deadline for Fall admission is March 17th.  The application deadline for Spring admission is October 31st.

What happens if the deadline is on a weekend?

The deadline is moved to the following Monday at 5:00pm.

Why do I need to apply with enrollment services?

In order to be admitted to the University you must apply with enrollment services. In order to be accepted into the Human Services Baccalaureate program you must also apply at the department.

Does it cost to apply?

You must pay the application fee with enrollment services. It does not cost to apply at the department.

What if I am already a premajor?

You still must apply to the department.You will also need to change from premajor status by completing a change of major form.There is no fee for this change, and the form must be attached to your BHS application

Will my catalog year change?

Your catalog year changes when you apply for a BHS whether it is through a new application for admission or by a change of major.