The UAA International and Intercultural Laboratory is an institution-wide initiative of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to advance the goal of comprehensive internationalization. By reaching out across UAA, the Laboratory aims to build on previous international and intercultural work, learn from the current practices, develop learning goals, and establish priorities in international and intercultural education.

One of eight cohort institutions of the American Council on Education's Internationalization Laboratory, UAA, over a two-year period, will review its current level of internationalization, develop international and intercultural student learning outcomes, and establish goals and priorities for moving the institution forward.

Year One: The 2010 UAA International and Intercultural Retreat kicked off the Laboratory, focusing on how UAA's international and intercultural activities help students prepare to be effective participants in the world. Over one hundred faculty, staff, students, and administrators engaged in fruitful conversation, the results of which are posted on this site. With the goal of engaging the entire campus in the discussion, the UAA International and Intercultural Laboratory then conducted a series of interviews and an online survey to find our about the many activities on campus. It also conducted a series of briefings to groups across campus.

Year Two: The Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs established and charged the UAA International and Intercultural Task Force.