Frequently Asked Questions about UAA Image Standards and Logos

Is the main UAA swoosh logo changing?
No. This is an additional option for unit-specific logos and can be used instead of the swoosh logo when putting together promotional print materials.

If I use our unit-specific logo, do I need to use the UAA swoosh logo too?
No. If you use your unit-specific logo it takes care of it all!

Can I change or add to the unit-specific logo that University Advancement designed for us?
No. The unit-specific logo that we designed for you must appear as a full unit and should not be altered in any way.

Individual pictorial logos have been integrated into the new system for the following entities:
  • Colleges and schools for which there is a dean
  • Institutes and centers (ISER, Center for Human Development, etc.)
  • Programs of distinction (defined as programs that began at UAA or that are unique to UAA. Examples include ANSEP, ANPSYCH, RRANN)

We have a pictorial logo that was designed by Advancement and/or approved by Advancement prior to this new changeover. Can we still use that?
No. Once the new logo standards went into effect on July 1, 2009, all previously approved logos should no longer be used in any form.

Do I need to use the new logo on our Web site?
Yes. The new logo should be used on all things you distribute or present to the public. Consistent use of the new logos will help us create a strong brand for UAA and for your unit.

What do I do with the current stock of stationery, envelopes and business cards I have?
We don’t expect you to throw out your current stock. When you exhaust the materials you have, the new logo standards will be incorporated into your next order with UAA's Copy and Print Center (formerly GSS).

Why are you making this change?
There are several reasons for the change in logo standards at UAA. Here is a list of a few of them:
  • The new logos will bring clarity to names obscured by initials or acronyms and focus attention toward the institution as a whole;
  • the new logos will allow for individual identities while still aligning with the university;
  • the new logos provide a cohesive and consistent image as the institution moves forward in with its strategic plan and marketing efforts; and
  • the unified logo will help us “brand” ourselves as a unified institution with many strong individual components.

I’m confused. Who can I contact for help?
University Advancement is here to help you! Contact University Advancement with any UAA logo use policy questions or technical questions.