Telephone Work Request

Do you need to submit a Trouble Order or Work Order Request?  If so, please fill out the online request form below, depending on the type of service you need. If you are unsure of the type of order you require, please see our service rates page.

Orders are processed in the following timelines:

Trouble Order Requests - A service technician will arrive at your location within one business day.

Work Order Requests - A service technician has 5 business days from the day your order is received by the IT Services Call Center to complete it. Exceptions to this timeline can occur when large projects dictate.  If applicable, you will be notified accordingly.

Your full name

A number where IT Services can reach you during the day

The department this phone is for

The org and fund numbers that this request can be JV'ed to

Your UAA email address

The phone's building name and room number

The number on the wall where the phone will be plugged in

Which type of phone would you like? Single or Multiline. A callcenter technician will advise you on specific models

Leave us any notes about the problem or work