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Alaska Public Health Links

Alaska Center for Rural Health (ACRH)
ACRH was created in 1987 by rural health care providers, educators, and administrators. Their aim was to improve the distribution, supply, quantity, and efficiency of health care personnel serving rural Alaskans.

Alaska Native Elders National Resource Center
This web site is designed to provide technical information to promote culturally sensitive and functionally appropriate services to maintain the social well-being of Alaska Natives.

Department of Health Sciences (UAA)
The Department offers two degree program: the BS in Health Sciences Physician Assistant Track and the MPH in Public Health Practice.

Alaska Public Health Association
A public health association for public health practitioners in Alaska

Alaska Health Careers
This site offers three ways to view health careers: 1) Match your preferences to choose a health career in Career Education; 2) Look for the next step to advancement in Career Paths; and 3) Compare programs within a specialty at Career Preparation.

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority 
The Trust is "dedicated to assisting those who experience mental bene.gif (50172 bytes) illness; mental retardation or similar disabilities; chronic alcoholism with psychosis; or Alzheimer's disease or related dementia."

Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services - Division of Public Health
Public Health Information for the State of Alaska

U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services - Indian Health Services
The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Resources for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

Alaska Native Science Commission
This site is devoted to bringing together research and science in partnership with the Native community. Be sure to look at the code of ethics and protocols.

Municipality of Anchorage Health and Human Services
Local public health information for Anchorage residents

Alaska Native Medical Center

Alaska Native Health Status Report 2009
Find a variety of Alaska Native Health reports on the ANTHC website

Other Public Health Links

What is Public Health?
This site is devoted to Public Health Education and Advocacy

This is Public Health
A public health advocay and education site

American Public Health Association
The largest public health association in the U.S.

Association of Schools of Public Health
Public Health Education

U.S Dept. Health and Human Services - Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Learn how you can serve national public health needs

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National public health information

The Centers for Law & the Public's Health
A collaborative website at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities

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