Anchorage 2000 Teen Health Initiative (1999)

Kari Hamrick, PhD
Gary Hughes, EdD
Stacy L. Smith, MFA


The purpose of the Anchorage 2000 Teen Health Initiative was to solicit commentary from Anchorage teens about their health concerns and to design a way to increase teen awareness of key health issues. The Anchorage 2000 Millennium and Beyond theme provided Anchorage teens an opportunity to contribute their ideas for establishing health-promoting goals and community-based activities that would successfully meet the unique needs of teenagers. This project produced a plan that encouraged high school students to participate in the development of interesting and engaging activities designed specifically to enhance their health.


Health care agency utilization data were compiled and reviewed for the teen population. Additionally, teen focus groups, key informant interviews with teens and health care service representatives, and survey data from a Teen Health Conference were summarized to evaluate teen lifestyle and activity level, as well as the perceived acceptability and accessibility of health service options. A summary report was developed that compares the views of the youth with those of health-related service agency representatives, and that outlines a strategy to provide access to and promotion of health-related services and activities.


In addition, the information gained from these activities was organized and analyzed to develop an overall strategic business plan for the Healthy Anchorage 2000 project. The business plan does the following: outlines ideas for health-oriented events for the Millenniumcelebration, specifically targeting the teen population; provides suggestions for how to market the Millennium health events to teens throughout the Anchorage area; estimates costs to implement the business plan; and suggests potential funding sources.