The Burden of Asthma in Alaska (2007)


Mary Ellen Gordian, MD, MP
Brian Saylor, PhD, MP 


In response to a request from the American Lung Association of Alaska, the Institute for Health Studies compiled information about the burden of asthma in Alaska.


More than fourteen percent of the adult population of Alaska, or approximately 64,500 adults, are likely to have been diagnosed with asthma. Over the last 6 years, the rate of asthma has been increasing in the United States, with the rate of increase slightly higher in Alaska.
The final report looks at the costs of asthma in order to  indicate what is at stake and why asthma research, asthma control, and public health policies are of significant importance to Alaska.


The final report is available for download in pdf format: The Burden of Asthma in Alaska (445 KB).