Healthy Homes in Alaska Project (2005)

Mary Ellen Gordian, MD, MPH


The Healthy Homes in Alaska Program was funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. The purpose of this project was to look at the effect of the indoor environment on children with chronic respiratory disease, particularly asthma, who live in low-income families.


The combined talents of several agencies were utilized for this project. The initial study occurred in Fairbanks and Hooper Bay, with in-home environmental monitoring taking place through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and home remediation being conducted by weatherization teams. The Institute for Health Studies was responsible for looking at the health effects on children with asthma.


Follow-up also took place on the health of the children after home remediation. A report of the findings is available for download: Report on the Examination of Children in the Healthy Homes Study (pdf, 83K).