Amchitka Workers Survey Project (2005)

Mary Ellen Gordian, MD, MPH
Carl Hild, MS


The Department of Energy awarded money for the Amchitka Workers project through a contract with the Alaska District Council of Laborers. Funding included $30,000 for the first six months, with additional contract support (with a revised scope of work to be developed) for the remaining 2.5 years of the program. An estimated $50,000 was awarded in the FY 2001.


The purpose of this project was to assist in the preparation, utilization, and analysis of a health survey for workers who participated in the activities surrounding the testing of nuclear warheads on Amchitka Island in the 1960s and 1970s. The Institute of Health Studies (ICHS) statistically reviewed and interpreted the survey results. The data were compiled by Zenith Administrators, and the results of histories, physical examinations, and laboratory tests (devoid of personal identifiers) were sent to ICHS on a quarterly basis.


The Amchitka Quarterly Report: Summary to June 30, 2005 is available for download (pdf, 305 KB).