Diabetes and Heart Disease in Alaska Natives (1997)

Sven O.E. Ebbesson, PhD
Patricia M. Risica, PhD
Cynthia Schraer, MD


This National Institute for Health funded research, completed in 1997, was modeled after the design and methods of the Strong Heart Study with some additions. A cross sectional survey of four villages in the Northon Sound area of western Alaska and on St. Lawrence Island was conducted in April-May 1994. Village councils were invited and consulted about the proposed study as was the Board of the Norton Sound Health Corporation.


All village residents over 24 years of age (except pregnant women) were personally invited to participate. Dietary interviews were conducted at home or other locations designated by the subject. The following day, subjects attended a screening clinic during which medical history and lifestyle questions were asked, blood pressure, EKG, physical measurements, and specimens were taken.


These cross sectional data are being used to assess the risk factors for type II diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease for Natives of North West Alaska. The interrelationships of diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors with measures of body fatness and markers of heart disease are explored.


A final report can be obtained through the UAA Consortium Library or ICHS.