Social Transitions in Northern Working Groups (2000)

Carl Hild, MS
Donna Burgess, PhD
Brian Saylor, PhD, MPH
Bernie Segal, PhD
Kari Hamrick, PhD
Patricia Cochran, PhD, ASCH


Download the Social Transition in the North Special Issue: Int J Health 2004: 63 Suppl 1   

Social Transitions of the North (STN) was a comparative study of social and economic change in two regions of Alaska and two regions of Russian Far east as reflected in health and family relationship characteristics, as well as by indicators of individual or collective well-being. In September 1995, following the Year 3 summer field research, a tragic boat accident claimed the lives of project personnel Steven McNabb, William Richards, Alexander Pika and Richard Condon. At the request of the funding agency (NSF) and PI families, the Alaska Native Science Commission took over the administration of the project.


ICHS was part of a larger STN work group with the specific mission of conducting a preliminary assessment of the STN data set. The following project papers were presented by ICHS researchers at the 50th Arctic Science Conference in Denali National Park on September 19-22. This conference provided the first public forum to present the findings of this study.


"A comparison of sampling methodologies used in STN with enumeration data for selected communities."

Brian Saylor, PhD


"A descriptive analysis of experience of personal violence and substance abuse among indigenous peoples of the North."

Bernie Segal, PhD


"Nutritional status and subsistence food consumption among Indigenous peoples in Alaska and the Russian Far East."

Kari Hamrick


"An exploration of the possibilities for software-based qualitative analysis of the interviews and field notes."

Donna Burgess


"A review of the scientific work of Dr. Bill Richards as documented in the files of the Alaska Native Science Commission's STN collection."

Brian Saylor, PhD and Patricia Cochran