Alaska Native Traditional Healing Project (1998)

Brian Saylor, PhD, MPH
Donna  Burgess, PhD
Carl Hild, MS


The Southcentral Foundation, with the assistance of the University of Alaska Institute for Health Studies, investigated the attitudes and perceptions of Alaska Native people about traditional healing practices and techniques. The overall goal was to provide information that could support Foundation discussions about the organizational and programmatic characteristics of a traditional healing program.


The findings are shown in a detailed report. They are derived from reports of focus groups and key informant interviews with Alaska Native traditional healers, patients and administrators, as well as material from published and unpublished reports. They reflect the impressions and conclusions of the authors and, therefore, may not be totally consistent with the opinions of all readers. The recommendations for a traditional healing program, which could be sponsored by the Southcentral Foundation, appear, in the opinion of the authors, to follow logically from the findings.