American Lung Association of Alaska Tobacco Dependence Treatment/Cessation Demonstration Project (2000)

Kari Hamrick, PhD, RD
Beth Landon, MBA, MHA
Sanna Doucette, BA
Stacy L. Smith, MFA


As part of the overall effort to reduce tobacco-related addiction, disease, and death in Alaska, the State of Alaska directed 1.4 million dollars from the tobacco settlement funds. Of this settlement, $275,000 was budgeted to support four six-month demonstration projects to help treat tobacco addiction and dependence among Alaskans. Ten percent of this sum was awarded to the Institute for Health Studies (ICHS) to assist the American Lung Association of Alaska (ALAA) and its contractors in evaluation-related activities, including the measurement of outcomes.


The four ALAA tobacco demonstration projects afforded a range of cessation activities. In a short six month period, the selected projects trained practitioners in tobacco intervention, screened medial patients for tobacco use and provided support for those read to quit, counseled low-income mother and mothers-to-be to quit smoking, and developed and executed a new program for treating tobacco addiction in connection with drug and alcohol addictions.


Successful outcomes of the demonstration projects extend beyond quit rates. As a product of these cessation demonstration projects, Alaskans developed, executed, and learned from tailor-made cessation approaches, which are equally valuable outcomes from this funding.