Review of Municipality of Anchorage Chapter 16.65 - Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places (2001)

Carl Hild, MS
Larry Weiss, PhD
Martha Fligel
Kari Sandberg 
Stacy L. Smith, BS, MFA

In July 2000 the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) passed ordinance AO No. 2000-91(S) to establish the prohibition of smoking in public places and workplaces.  As part of its passage, the Municipal Assembly required that the ordinance be reviewed during 2001. The Institute for Health Studies (ICHS), along with the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), prepared a report for consideration by the Health and Human Services Department (HHSD) and the Anchorage Police Department (APD).  After their review, HHSD and APD made recommendations for changes to the Mayor, the Health and Human Services Commission, and the Assembly.


The following six aspects for the review were listed in the ordinance:


  • Effectiveness of the continuing public education program and ongoing efforts to work with affected businesses and individuals.
  • Effect on reducing secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Practicality of enforcing the ordinance and any problems with enforcement.
  • Number of violations and amount of penalties.
  • Any needed revisions to the ordinance.
  • Overall economic impact.


On December 11, 2001 the Municipality of Anchorage Assembly held a joint work session with the Health and Human Services Commission to officially receive the Mayor's report on the review of the ordinance prohibiting smoking in public places.  The findings met the objectives of the ordinance review, and the MOA does not plan any immediate revisions to the ordinance.  It may be reopened in a few months to clarify some specific items, but no major revisions are envisioned at this time.


The final MOA Smoking Ordinance report is available in pdf format:Review of Municipality of Anchorage Chapter 16.65 -- Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places (203 KB, pdf)