Arctic Telemedicine Project (2000)

Carl Hild, MS
Melodie Fair, M.Ed.
Stacy L. Smith, BS, MFA


Funding for the Arctic Telemedicine Project was provided by the State of Alaska Department of Commerce's Sustainable Development Project ($20,000) and the US Department of State (DOS) ($46,000).


The Institute for Health Studies (ICHS) was contracted to prepare a report for the Ministers of the eight-nation Arctic Council on the status of telemedicine in the far north. ICHS held a workshop in Washington DC of key contacts from the eight nations of the Arctic and four indigenous peoples groups. This workshop, held in March 2000, addressed key aspects of the report to Ministers. The final report was delivered in early October 2000.


The final report is available for viewing in pdf format: Arctic Telemedicine Project Final Report (372 KB).