Anchorage Safe Communities: Reflective Wear for Pedestrians/Adult Pedestrian Safety Program (2000)

Spencer Zeiger, PhD 
Brian Saylor, PhD, MPH 
Stacy L. Smith, MFA


A pretest and posttest analysis of pedestrian behavior was completed for the Reflective Wear for Pedestrians Project sponsored by the Anchorage Safe Communities Coalition. The focus of this project was to provide reflective tape for outerwear application to area pedestrians in an effort to increase their visibility to automobile drivers. The expected outcome was a reduction in pedestrian injuries and fatalities among targeted high-risk groups. The pretest evaluation established the baseline level of reflective wear prior to project implementation, and also defined additional pedestrian behaviors that may have affected accident incident levels. The posttest evaluation, taking place after reflective tape had been distributed, provided the comparison data for measuring increased use of reflective wear.


Download the report Reflective Wear for Pedestrians: Adult Pedestrian Safety Program (238 KB, pdf)


Download the Anchorage Safe Communities Final Report (422 KB, pdf)