BBAHC Project Zero/Youth Suicide Prevention (2011-2015)


David Driscoll, PhD, MPH, MA

Travis Hedwig, PhD

Sarah Shimer, MPH


The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation (BBAHC) Project Zero/Youth Suicide Prevention study. SAMSHA funded suicide prevention program targeting approximately 1,200 youth aged 12-24 year olds residing in 14 study villages. Although 79% of the 5,829 residents are Alaska Native, ethnicity is not a limiting factor to participation in the program.

The Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) has been contracted by BBAHC to implement an evaluative strategy of two components of the program:  the Traveling Therapist Program and the Life Skills Program. Evaluation will consist of the analyzing data collected by project zero staff in the form of activity logs and SAMSHA provided Early Intervention, Referral and Follow-Up (EIRF).

In addition, ICHS has developed an instrument to measure the extent to which sense of cultural and community connectedness serves as a protective factor against the risk of suicide. This instrument will be implemented by ICHS in close collaboration with project zero staff as part of the program intervention.