Under United States immigration law, it is your personal responsibility to maintain lawful F-1 status. Begin by reading the "Instructions to Students" on page two of your I-20. By following those instructions, as well as the guidelines listed below, you should be able to maintain lawful F-1 student status with little difficulty. You must maintain lawful student status if you wish to enjoy the benefits associated with it, such as on-campus employment, practical training, and the ability to re-enter the United States when you travel. A violation of status may result in termination of your SEVIS record.

Semester Check-In

Each student must let the ISS office know that they are in Anchorage and Attending Courses. This check-in process needs to be completed by the second Friday after classes have begun and this must be done every semester the student attends UAA.

Continuing Student Check-In Form

Full Course of Study

Each student must be registered as a full-time student at UAA in a degree program. Students must maintain this status throughout the full semester. Students may not drop below full-time without approval from the ISS office. 

Undergraduate Students=12 hours
Graduate Students=9 hours

Normal Progress Toward Degree

Each student is expected to complete their program by the completion date on their I-20. Students should be working with their academic adviser to ensure they are on track to graduate by their completion date. If more time is needed for completion, it must be authorized by the ISS office.


Address Change

Each student must notify the ISS Office within 10 days of changing their address.


Travel Signature

Students that leave the US and wish to return must have a valid travel signature from the international adviser on their I-20. 

This signature is on the 3rd page of the I-20 and is valid for 1 year; however, it may be signed every six months if requested by the student.

Maintain Proper Documentation

Each student must have the proper documentation to be in the United States. This includes:

  • Unexpired Passport
  • I-94 Record
  • Most Current I-20
  • Student Visa

Follow all the US laws and work authorization requirements

Each student has the responsibility to follow the laws of the US including employment laws.

Unless on CPT or OPT and authorized by the ISS Office, students may not work off campus and may not work more than 20 hours per week while class is in session.

Any violation of US law could result in a loss of visa status, in addition to any civil or criminal penalties that may apply.

Health Insurance

All students are required to carry health insurance while attending UAA. The minimum coverage should include:

  • $100,000 Medical benefits per accident or illness
  • Deductible of $500 or less
  • Repatriation coverage of at least $25,000 and medical evacuation coverage of at least $50,000.
  • Must be with a reputable health insurance provider

Insurance proof must be on file for each semester attended. If coverage information is not provided to ISS for the current semester, a registration hold will be placed on the student's account. 

UAA's Health Services works with United Healthcare Insurance to offer coverage for students. If a student does not choose to participate in the university's coverage option, an Insurance Waiver Form must be filled out each semester.

Insurance information and the insurance waiver form are to be turned in with the Semester Check-In form, which is due the second Friday after classes begin.