Clarification regarding visa paperwork and hiring

The information on this page is strictly limited to applying for immigration paperwork for the scholar to obtain his or her J-1 visa. 

In most cases, departments will have to work with Human Resources to complete any hiring paperwork that is necessary. If the university is providing direct funding that supports the scholar's visa, an appointment letter supported by a contact from HR will be required to be submitted to ISS for purposes of issuing the immigration paperwork.



Application Procedures

Visiting scholars should be declared to HR and ISS six months in advance of the anticipated start date.

HR Process: Notify HR of the appointment by completing their required paperwork.

ISS Process: 

  • If the scholar has been approved by HR send an appointment letter containing the following information:
    • Contracted Dates of Appointment
    • Salary Terms
    • Specific Job Duties
    • Specific Area of Work (i.e. Geology or Literature)
  • Complete the DS-2019 Scholar Request Form
  • Provide the J-1 Affidavit of Support and Supporting Financial Documents to ISS.
    • Please view the funding page to determine what is needed from each funding source.

Upon receiving all the required documentation a DS-2019 will be created and issued to the student via the department contact.


Acquiring the J-1 Visa

When applying, each applicant must submit he US embassy the following:

Current visa wait times may be found at the Department of State Website

Exchange scholars may not enter the US more than 30 days prior to the program state date.