Accepting Admission

Students that have been admitted to UAA must provide the Office of International Student Services with more information in order to receive an I-20.

Students must complete the International Student Admission Agreement and return it to ISS. By completing this form, the international applicant knowledges that they are aware of their responsibilities in being admitted to UAA.

To obtain the I-20 the student must provide proof that they have the financial ability to study in the United States using their own means or those of a sponsor or sponsors. This proof entails two documents:

Affidavit of Financial Support

The affidavit of financial support is an attestation  that the student and/or sponsor will be responsible for covering the financial well-being of the student during the student's time at UAA.

This legal document, which must be certified by an official notary, provides the information of who is going to ensure the financial stability of the student while at UAA. This person could be the student themselves, it could be a sponsor or any combination of sponsors.  

This form also alerts the school if the student is planning on bringing a spouse or dependent child(ren).

Affidavit of Support for International Applicants

Affidavit of Support for Sister City Applicants*

*Proof of Sister City Residency is Required when the form is submitted.

Financial Documentation

In addition to the Affidavit of Support, students need to provide proof that they have the money readily available to use for their studies. 

This financial documentation should be an original bank letter or statement dated within three month of submission, showing at least the minimum amount of funding required. The following information must be included:

  • Name(s) of the account holder. The name(s) must match the individual(s) who completed the Affidavit of Financial Support.
  • Amount Available in the account, which must meet or exceed the estimated expenses.

Two copies of financial documentation should be requested. Students should submit one copy to UAA, and should keep another copy for their records which they can show at their visa interview and upon point of entry, if necessary.