The University of Alaska Anchorage offers a wide variety of degree programs for International Students.

Student Visa Types

F-1 Student Visa

Individuals wishing to obtain a two-year Associate Degree, four- year Bachelor degree or two-year Master Degree should apply as F-1 Degree Seeking Student. These individuals would complete the appropriate Int’l online application on UA Online.

J-1 Student Visa

Students admitted to a college or university holding a current exchange agreement with UAA may apply as a J-1 exchange student. These individuals would complete the Non-Degree-Non-US Citizen application on UA Online.

J-1 Scholar Visa

Researchers, Professors and Short Term Scholars who are invited by an academic department for the purpose of researching or teaching at UAA are eligible for a J-1 Scholar Visa. This category is not for full-time study at the university.

Permanent Residents, Refugees, and Individuals in other Visa Statuses

Anyone who does not have the intent to change their visa to an F-1 student visa should apply using the regular Associate, Bachelor, or Graduate application on UA Online. Applicants who are on another visa but wish to change to an F-1 student visa must use the Int’l application.


F-1 International Students who wish to transfer to UAA from another SEVP approved US institution should go to the "Transitioning to UAA" section regarding Transfers

International applicants who wish to change their visa status to an F-1 from another non-immigrant visa should go to the "Transitioning to UAA" section regarding Change of Status.


Application Process

The F-1 Visa Admission Process is comprised of the following three steps:

  1. Admission to UAA
  2. Accepting your Admission
  3. Acquiring your Visa

Admission to UAA

In this step the applicant submits his or her application and supporting documents to UAA to gain admission to the university.

Accepting your Admission

Once an applicant has been admitted, he or she will be notified by the ISS Office. In this notification, student will be given directions on the additional steps they must take to obtain their I-20  certificate of eligibility.

Acquiring your visa

Once the student has obtained his or her I-20 the next step is to obtain a visa from the US consulate. Detailed instructions will be provided to the student in their Admission Welcome Packet.