Tuition and fees are calculated based on the number of course credits taken by a student and the academic level of the course.  

Most International Students will be required to pay Non-resident Tuition:

 Average Cost Per Year
Average Cost Per Semester
Average Cost Per Course
Undergraduate Level
(courses # 0-299)
$681 per Credit
Undergraduate Level
(courses # 300-499)
$721 per Credit
Graduate Level
(courses # 600-699)
$907 per credit


Student Fees for Full-Time Students:

Undergraduate Students: $1,880 per Year; $940 per Semester

Graduate Students:          $1,455 per Year; $728 per Semester

Other fees may apply depending on course selection.

Other Estimated Expenses per Year

 Per Year
Per Semester
Apartment/Residence Hall
Food/Meal Plan
Books$1,608$   804
Living Expenses
Mandatory Health Insurance
$1,195$   598
These fees are estimates of the real cost of attending. Some courses require additional or special fees.

The total estimated cost for one-year's study at UAA:

Undergraduate:    $41,518 USD

Graduate:              $36,989 USD

Affidavit of Financial Support

*Non-degree seeking students taking 3 credits or less are charged resident tuition. F-1 students are required to take a full-course schedule during the fall and spring terms.