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Sister City students are eligible to pay Resident Tuition. To ensure that non-resident surcharges are added to the student's account, the student must provide an Application for Resident Tuition Assessment and provide the required evidence. 

Resident Tuition1 Credit Hour
A 3 Credit Hour
Course Cost
Semester Cost
Average Yearly Cost
Lower Division
(courses # 0-299)
(12-18 Cr./Sem.)
Upper Division
(courses # 300-499)
(12-18 Cr./Sem.)
Graduate Level
(courses # 600-699)
(9 credits/semester)

Student Fees

Undergraduate fees per semester $355/$710

Graduate fees per semester/year $138/$276

Other fees may apply depending on course selection.

Other Estimated Costs per Year 

Incidental Expenses

These fees are estimates of the real cost of attending. Some courses require additional or special fees.

The total estimated cost for one-year's study at UAA:

Undergraduate: $21,984 USD
Graduate: $23,119 USD

Sister City Students requiring an I-20 must show a minimum of $25,000 USD in financial proof.

Sister City Affidavit of Financial Support