International Studies Program - Study Abroad Guidelines

Start Early! 

Explore your options: Go to an Office of International & Intercultural Affairs Information Session on Study Abroad: .

Meet with your academic advisor: Meet with your academic advisor and the Chair of International Studies to discuss the programs you are considering and how these might complement your on-campus academic program.

Apply for the program:  Apply for the study abroad program through the Office of International & Intercultural Affairs.  The Office of International & Intercultural Affairs will walk you through the process.  The process includes working with International Studies for advising on your program choice and course selection.

Apply for Scholarships: There are local, national, and international scholarships for study abroad.  You will work with the Office of International & Intercultural Affairs, and you will want to check with the study abroad program provider as well.  Application dates tend to be early-to-mid spring semester.

Integrating Study Abroad into your Major

Academic Petition:  Study Abroad must be petitioned to count toward specific International Studies degree requirements.  This includes all Study Abroad programming.  Please attach a syllabus to the academic petition.  In the case that your program does not provide a syllabus, you will want to save all documentation from the program (assignments, exams, etc.)  Academic petitions can be found on the UAA Registrar’s forms website.