Canada Track (Language: French)

Required Course:
INTL A315*
 Canada: Nation and Identity

Canada Elective Course Selection                                                                        9

ANTH A416 Arctic Archeology (3)
ANTH A435 Northwest Coast Cultures (3)
ANTH A437 Eskimo Adaptations (3)
ANTH A439 Athapaskan Adaptations (3)
ENGL A305* National Literatures in English (with approved topic) (3)
ENGL A371 Narrative Nonfiction (with approved topic) (3)
FREN A432 Studies in Literature and Culture (with approved topic) (3)
GEOG/HIST A345 Across this Land: The Historical Geography of North America (3)
GEOG A443 Northwest Passage: The Changing Canadian North (3)
THR A492* Senior Seminar (with approved topic) (3)

Any course with the appropriate focus and approved by academic petition for the category.  For example, a topics course that focuses on Canada.  (3)