Rhiannon2For advising on the International Studies degree programs, 
please contact 
Rhiannon Elliott,, ARTS 332B
Academic Advisers for the 
College of Arts and Sciences. 
Walk ins are welcome 
but appointments are strongly encouraged. 

For information about International Studies classes, 

What courses do I take as an incoming freshman?

We will help you set up a plan for the General Education requirements that will also prepare you to major in International Studies.  Contact the academic adviser for help!

How do I declare the International Studies major?

All International Studies majors must schedule an initial meeting with your adviser.  You will discuss your academic and career goals and create an academic plan. 

Declare the major or minor early.

When you declare your major, you are required to fulfill the degree requirements as described in the UAA Catalog for that year.  If you wait, there might be additional requirements in later catalogs.

Study Abroad:

Study Abroad must be petitioned to count towards specific International Studies degree requirements.

Advising Materials:

These materials are designed to help you plan your academic path at UAA.  The UAA Catalog of the year you declare the major is the final authority on all requirements. 


Students should meet with their advisor every semester to discuss course selection. In addition, students can track their progress toward graduation by using the online advising tool DegreeWorks, accessed through UAOnline under Student Services. DegreeWorks does not replace academic advising and will not help students choose the best classes for their individual goals. Instructions for accessing DegreeWorks are at