Northeast Asia Track (Language: Chinese or Japanese)


Northeast Asia in the 21st Century (3)

Northeast Asia Elective Course Selection                                                9

ANTH A434 Peoples and Cultures of Northeast Asia (3)
ART A366 Asian Art (3)
HIST A320 The Rise, Fall, and Reinvention of the Samurai (3)
HIST A321 Modern China (3)
HIST A322 Modern Japan (3)
HIST A323 Communist China (3)
HIST A330 Russia in East Asia (3)
HIST A477 Senior Seminar in History (3)
(with approved topic)
JPN A310 Selected Topics in Advanced Japanese (3) (with approved topic)
PHIL A313* Eastern Philosophy and Religion (3)
PS A492 Senior Seminar in Politics (3)
(with approved topic)
THR A492* Senior Seminar (3) (with approved topic)

Any course with the appropriate focus and approved by academic petition for the category.  For example, a topics course that focuses on China or Japan. (3)