Europe Track (Language: French, German, or Spanish)

HIST A316 Twentieth Century Europe (3)

European Elective Course Selection                                                                   9

ART A362 History of Modern Art (3)
ART A363 History of Contemporary Art (3)
ECON A360/HIST A360 Modern Economic History (3)
ENGL A343 Modern and Contemporary Literature (3) (if not taken as a core course)
ENGL A440 Topics in Comparative Literature (with approved topic) (3)
FREN A310 Selected Topics: Literary Trends and Traditions (with approved topic) (3)
FREN A432 Studies of Literature and Culture  (with approved topic) (3)
GEOG A344 The Slavic World (3)
GER A310 Selected Topics: Literary Trends and Traditions (with approved topic) (3)
GER A490 Selected Topics in German Literature (with approved topic) (3)
HIST A314 Nineteenth Century Europe (3)
HIST A411 History of Modern Germany (3)
HIST A477 Senior Seminar (with approved topic) (3)
HIST A486 Studies in Modern Europe (3)
PHIL A314* Western Religion (3)
PS A311* Comparative Politics (3)
PS A333* History of Political Philosophy II: Modern (3)
SPAN A432 Studies in Literature and Culture (with approved topic) (3)
SPAN A490 Selected Topics in Hispanic Culture and Civilization (with approved topic) (3)
THR A412* History of Theatre II (3)
THR A492* Senior Seminar (with approved topic) (3)

Any course with the appropriate focus and approved by academic petition for the category.  For example, a topics course that focuses on Europe.  (3)