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Dashboard allows you to customize your view of certain data, and see some reports in graph and visual form.

This page lists all Dashboard views by subject. Not all IR reports are available through Dashboard. You will also find links to these Dashboards on their respective subject pages.

Note about viewing Dashboard: If your Dashboard shows "#####" in place of numbers, your viewing window is probably not large enough. Resize the window and refresh the page.


Key Performance Indicators:

Over 20 UAA student, curriculum, personnel & finance indicators, and others from UA Statewide

Performance Measures- Current Status (based on five PBB Core Metrics)

Performance Measures- Projection (through 2015)

Student Information

Students by Characteristics
(age, ethnicity, gender, course load, program level, college/campus)

Persistence Rate
Full-time, first-time freshmens rate of return in the 2nd year, by entering term, degree type, & campus/college

Attrition Rate by campus/college, term, & course level

Graduation Rate (degree type & terms to degree by campus/college)

Enrollment Status at Semester Opening

Enrollment 1 SCH, enrollment and number of sections compared to the previous year, by college, campus & discipline.

Enrollment 2 Includes SCH and enrollment by course level, campus, college & discipline, plus number of sections & class capacity by course level.

University Employees

All Employees (gender, ethnicity, job type, EEO classification, & reg/temp status by college/division)

Regular Faculty (rank, tenure status, workload, contract type & average salary by college/division)