Frequently Asked Questions


Glossary:  Try this link to clear up some confusing IR terminology. (PDF)

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  1. Where can I find Student/Faculty Ratios?

    A. You need the Curriculum & Faculty Workload Statistics report available on the Personnel subject page. Use the column "FTES/F" (Full-Time Equivalent Students/Faculty).

  2. When does Graduation/Awards information become available?

    A. May awards data becomes available to IR in mid-August; IR then releases reports in late August or early September.

  3. Where are the weekly enrollment status reports?

    A. In the left-hand menu, select "Reports by Subject", then "Enrollment and Curriculum". Under this heading, select Weekly Enrollment.Where do I find information about demographics within a particular major?

    A. In the left-hand menu, select Reports by Subject, then Majors/Programs of Study. On this page the heading "Students by Program and by Campus" contains five-year trends of UAA Majors by various characteristics.

  4. What happened to the Trendbook and Campus Report?

A. Those publications were retired after Fall 2007, in favor of the Fact Book format. You will find the same or similar reports in the Fact Book. The last edition of the Trendbook and Campus Report (also called Dean's Notebook) are available online. If you need older material from these publications, contact us.