The Weekly Enrollment Reports and Induced Course Load Matrix (ICLM) Reports fall under this category.

See end of page for definition of the terms "Enrollment", "Headcount" and "Student Credit Hours".

FACT BOOK COVER PROOF final  Fact Book 2014Enrollment Section

Listing of student credit hours by department, discipline and course level within each Campus over 5 years.

Semester Reports & Related Materials

Student Information Reports

Summaries of student headcount at semester opening and closing. Note: Not available for every term.

Semester Opening

Semester Closing

Fall 2004-2008
Opening and Closing SCH by Campus
SCH & Enrollment by Course Level
Student Enrollment by Instruction Type
Discipline Enrollment & SCH by Course Level
ABE., CONT. ED., & Non-Credit Enrollment by Campus
Distance Education SCH & Enrollment by Course Level


Student Credit Hours &Enrollment


Relevant Topic Papers

Demographic Trends & UAA, 2009

Mission Contribution Series, 2007 (select Course group below)


Semester Closing Course List 


Definition of Terms:

Enrollment:  A duplicate count of students enrolled (“seats occupied”) in all course section offerings (credit or non-credit) on the official census dates each term.  The same student is counted in each section of official enrollment: e.g., a student enrolled in 3 class sections is counted as 3 enrollees.  Not to be confused with unduplicated headcount, which only counts each student once.

Headcount:  An unduplicated count of unique individuals who are officially enrolled at UAA in credit courses on the official semester/term census dates.  It is a sum count of unique student identifiers during the reporting period, regardless of when the student enrolled.  

Note: headcount is unduplicated at the campus level but duplicated at the university level because students taking courses at more than one campus are duplicate-counted at the higher level.

Student Credit Hours:  Represents the students being served in a particular course section.  In general, SCH = course section credits * course section enrollment. (10 students in a 5-credit course section = 50 SCH).  SCH reports do not include auditors or non-credit courses.  Follow glossary link below for a more detailed definition.

See Glossary for many other UAA/IR definitions.

Where else could I look?

Persistence: for student persistence/retention rates
: for programs offered at UAA, students by program & program origin
Personnel: for Curriculum & Faculty Workload