PARL Prefix Equivalencies

Many of the Paralegal Studies (PARL) course numbers and/or titles have changed to Legal Studies (LEGL).

The table below lists changes to the course prefix, number and/or title in the undergraduate Paralegal Studies Certificate Program beginning this Fall 2012. Students seeking this certificate may complete their coursework using the revised course offerings to satisfy program requirements as described in the table.

All students enrolled in the program should contact a program advisor after August 2012 to prepare an academic plan for completing their certificate.
PARL A101 Intro to LawLEGL A101 Intro to Law
PARL A215 Paralegal StudiesLEGL A215 Legal Ethics & the Role of the Legal Professional
PARL A235 Factual Investigation & InterviewingLEGL A377 Evidence, Investigation, & Discovery
PARL A238 Civil ProcedureLEGL A367 Civil Procedure & Pretrial Practice
JUST/PARL A340 Family LawJUST/LEGL A340 Family Law
JUST/PARL A352 Substantive Criminal LawJUST/LEGL A352 Criminal Law & Procedure
JUST/PARL A354 Criminal ProcedureJUST/LEGL A352 Criminal Law & Procedure
PARL A356 Legal ResearchLEGL A356 Legal Research, Analysis, & Writing
PARL A362 Commercial LawLEGL A362 Contracts, Debt, & Principles of Ownership
PARL A375 LitigationLEGL A487 Trial & Adv Litigation Processes
PARL A470 Law of Govt Regulation

LEGL A380 Torts, Wkrs' Comp, & Insurance Law; or
LEGL A385 Health Care Law & Reg Compliance; or other upper division LEGL elective with Program Coordinator approval

JUST A495 InternshipLEGL A495 Legal Studies Internship


The Occupational Outlook Handbook (Paralegals) provides information about the nature of work, training and education, earnings, and job outlook for Paralegals.

Professional Associations

Alaska Association of Paralegals (AAP), a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), offers a student membership rate for full-time students who are not employed as a paralegal.