Pro Bono Service Honors


The Justice Center awards Pro Bono Service Honors to those Legal Studies students who work toward improving access to justice by contributing volunteer service to an approved Alaska legal aid agency. Students majoring in any of the Legal Studies programs, as well as Legal Studies minors, are eligible to graduate with Pro Bono Service honors upon satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

1. Meet the catalog requirements for the minor, degree, or certificate sought.

2. Complete, as applicable, the following number of volunteer hours with a legal services agency approved by the Legal Studies Program Coordinator:

a. Undergraduate Certificate, Legal Nurse Consultant Paralegal: 50 hours

b. Associate Applied Science, Paralegal Studies: 60 hours

c. Bachelor of Arts, Legal Studies: 120 hours

d. Minor, Legal Studies: 50 hours

e. Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Paralegal Studies: 50 hours

3. Students intending to graduate with Pro Bono Service Honors must obtain written verification of their hours of service from the legal service agency or agencies assisted.

4. In the semester they intend to graduate, students must submit their verification of service hours and written notice of their intent to graduate with Pro Bono Service Honors to the Legal Studies Program Coordinator. The verification and notice must be received by the Legal Studies Coordinator on or before the date established by the Office of the Registrar as the deadline to apply for graduation.


The Pro Bono Service Honors (editable) form below fulfills the required notification.

Pro Bono Service Honors Notification Form, updated 8/07/2015


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than that something that we call the law."

Lawrence M. Friedman
Law In America, 3 (2002)